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Hi, I'm Emily. I'm 23 years old and married to my best friend, Stephen. We're madly in love even after 7 years. He works full-time at the family business and I do the billing for the business as a work-at-home mommy. We have four fur babies -two cats, an American Mastiff, & an English Mastiff. Our daughter Audra Joy arrived November 13, 2013. Now we are expecting our second bundle of joy and we couldn't be more blessed. ♥ I'm here to document my life, my love and marriage, my furry children, my daughter and pregnancy, my faith, and my dreams. Don't be shy...I love getting to know people! :)

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Unfortunately I feel really crappy today. Baby Stiles kept me up all night nearly running to the toilet and giving me loads of heartburn as well. Remember that nausea I reported to have left? Well it’s back, with a vengeance. I couldn’t be happier. I could just use some more sleep. :)

If that wasn’t enough, Whiskey kept Stephen up all night howling and barking at a bunch of drunkards in the neighborhood that were making fools of themselves screaming at each other about how Heather cheated. 3 am isn’t the time to do that, sirs.

Either way, sleepy or not sleepy, our Savior has risen today! Today is my favorite day to go to church. I love people’s attitudes and the ambiance of the church. I love the music and the upbeat message. I’m just hoping I don’t vomit everywhere today!

Have a blessed Easter everyone! 🐰🐣💛💒

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